What areas of your life would benefit from more and better thinking — relationships, career, leadership, creativity, health, finances, or just general direction?

Elizabeth’s many years of experience in teaching, coaching, counseling, leadership development, analysis, systems design, and assessment are now wrapped up in a unique suite of workshops.

In these workshops, you’ll get your mind trained, developing thinking skills and traits that can improve every area of your life.

Elizabeth conducts workshops for groups of individuals and for teams from organizations and businesses. Select one below to see a list of workshops, and commit yourself to switching off your brain’s autopilot for good.

Workshops for groups of individuals

Workshops for teams from organizations and businesses


“This was a fantastic experience! The wealth of information and classroom practice was so well-balanced. Thank you, Elizabeth, for all the preparation, patience, and thoughtfulness you put into your teaching and materials.” [ Livia Montana ]


“I have practical, usable takeaways and challenging thoughts that I mentally chew on. … I am going to inevitably communicate more effectively — and garner much more respect — when I communicate with others. This workshop is highly valuable. A winner! I will not forget it!”
[ G. B. ]