Workshops for Organizations & Businesses

These workshops are held in the location and on the date agreed to by the organization and Elizabeth. Prices vary based on a number of factors. Get in touch to schedule one today!

Critical Thinking

Develop the fundamental skills of statement classification, research, analysis, and argument. You’ll find that these skills are tools for better communication, healthier relationships, and smoother navigation in all areas of life.

  • Classify Statements • Systematically and automatically classify statements, distinguishing among facts, errors, theses, beliefs, and opinions.
  • Find it Out (Research) • Conduct effective research in order to gain knowledge about a topic, verify a matter of fact, or provide evidence for a thesis.
  • Figure it Out (Analysis) • Conduct effective analysis in order to gain understanding, derive meaning, and form conclusions about a complex matter.
  • Reason it Out (Argument) • Argue, and ultimately persuade, with reason and passion and without prejudice or undue emotion.

DURATION: Eight hours

Structure for Significance

Whether your organization is new or just needs to refocus, your team will benefit from exercises that help you clarify your purpose, culture, activities, niche, and vision. You will design a year’s worth of thematic goals, and you will learn the power of systems and how to leverage them for significance.

DURATION: Eight to ten hours

The Power of Systems

Everything your organization does has a system — a way that it’s done. For your organization to optimize functionality and keep growing, you must leverage the power of systems.

DURATION: Two hours