Workshop • Healthy Mind Basics

The Healthy Mind Basics workshop is all about simple lifestyle elements that can do wonders to improve your mind’s health and your overall wellbeing. You’ll get a gauge on how you’re doing in these areas and get on a path toward growth.

Exercise reduces depression and anxiety, decreases stress hormones, increases concentration, promotes learning, boosts memory, enhances creativity, pumps more oxygen to the brain, slows cognitive decline, helps brain cells grow, and promotes brain plasticity.

Nutrition fuels the brain, protects brain cells from damage, slows aging in the brain, helps the brain communicate with the rest of the body, improves mood, boosts memory, and might lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Hydration reduces stress and improves brain function, concentration, memory, and mood.

Sleep improves concentration and alertness, aids in learning and decision making, helps the brain solidify memory, boosts creativity and mood, and removes toxins in the brain (including those associated with Alzheimer’s disease).

Time in nature decreases stress hormones and anxiety, and it improves mood, memory, planning, creativity, imagination, and focus.

Social connections decrease stress, depression, and the risk of suicide and death.

Rest from your stressful, workaday routine helps your mind restore, recalibrate, and recharge.