The message I got from the person I expelled

Earlier this week I received a private message from someone whom I removed from The Thinkery Clubhouse a few weeks ago because of the way he treated people. I’d like to share a couple of excerpts from his message to make some important points about The Thinkery. “This is not thinky but an echo chamberContinue reading “The message I got from the person I expelled”

Protesters are …

Protesters are … Black people are … White people are … Police officers are … Politicians are … Reporters are … Christians are … Muslims are … Jews are … Celebrities are … Men are … Women are … Americans are … If you’re about to end any of these sentences with something other thanContinue reading “Protesters are …”

Pundit attacks comedian and loses — the argument

It was all going so well. A comedian tweeted his viewpoint regarding lockdown protesters. A pundit retweeted it, adding his viewpoint. The first two sentences comprised a valid argument. Then came the third sentence. “We can’t all be wealthy overrated comedians.” It took a hard turn from a valid argument straight into a personal attack.Continue reading “Pundit attacks comedian and loses — the argument”

What do we mean by “tolerance”?

“I like him personally; we have a different view on this.” I heard this on NPR today. A congressman said it about another congressman, each of whom was interviewed about the situation between the US and Iran. It’s a great example of classical tolerance: egalitarianism toward persons, and elitism toward ideas. Congressman A made aContinue reading “What do we mean by “tolerance”?”