6 things you can do for cognitive health right now

1 Go outside. 2 Connect with a friend by phone or message app. 3 Name three things you’re grateful for. 4 Take a virtual hike (such as this one). 5 Do something to help someone else. 6 Laugh at this joke: A grasshopper sits down at a bar. The bartender says, “We have a drinkContinue reading “6 things you can do for cognitive health right now”

Sleeping under the trees

I live at the edge of the woods. The head of my bed is up against a window that looks out on towering evergreens. When I wake in the morning, my head lies on my pillow, and my eyes gaze upward — not at the ceiling, but at those gorgeous trees. It’s almost as though I’mContinue reading “Sleeping under the trees”