The coyotes howl (and other unintended consequences)

I live on the edge of the woods. Beyond the woods are wetlands with ponds and a creek. These environs are home to deer, raccoons, opossums, coypu, Sasquatch*, rabbits, and a variety of birds. At least one pack of coyotes lives here. I’ve seen them a few times, and they leave little gifts** along theContinue reading “The coyotes howl (and other unintended consequences)”

Winsome or lose some

If you want to push people away, shut them down, and make them dig their heels in … criticize them, not just their viewpoint or behavior get angry or impatient use sarcasm don’t play fair use deception If you want to draw people in, open them up, and maybe even persuade them of your wayContinue reading “Winsome or lose some”

Shoot first, and ask questions never?

“I’ve seen more _________ attack me for my decision to _________ than ask me why.” I read this in a news story yesterday. What goes in the blanks? birds / attempt flying elves / take down the Christmas lights fashion stylists / combine argyle with paisley I’ll leave you hanging, because it doesn’t really matter. Regardless ofContinue reading “Shoot first, and ask questions never?”

Do you know how much water you drink?

We can benefit from tracking our lifestyle activities. You know how much water you’re supposed to drink every day, right? Although there are various schools of thought, health experts typically recommend eight eight-ounce glasses (the 8×8 rule). Although you probably know how much you’re supposed to drink, do you know how much you actually drink?Continue reading “Do you know how much water you drink?”

Golf lesson: Work hard, let go

Final round of the U. S. Open. Tommy Fleetwood wrapped up his round before the other leaders. In one second, he went from intense effort to zero effort. The tournament isn’t over yet, but he is done. He still could win or lose, but he’s done all he can. Now he waits. There is nothingContinue reading “Golf lesson: Work hard, let go”

5 ways to sharpen your thinking skills

We’ve all done it. We’ve inspired a facepalm with a thinking malfunction. But there are ways to minimize facepalms (and worse). Follow these tips to keep your brain out of autopilot, and you’ll see improvement in every area of life. Because thinking is kinda important. THINKING TIP 1 Make the effort. Arguably, the number oneContinue reading “5 ways to sharpen your thinking skills”

What is The Thinkery?

What the world needs now … people who freely exchange ideas in an atmosphere of truth and respect people who value substance over trifles people who remember history’s evils and build on its virtues people who know what’s going on in the world today and understand what it means for tomorrow people who consider othersContinue reading “What is The Thinkery?”

Life, brought to you by sports

“It’s a good thing that sports don’t matter.” You’ll hear me say that after the Dallas Cowboys lose a game. In the overall scheme of things, sports really don’t matter a whole lot (except to those who make a living at it). Yet, when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series this week, we sawContinue reading “Life, brought to you by sports”