What my YouTube recommendations tell me

I just went to YouTube, and it is recommending these videos to me: Snowstorm & Crackling Fireplace Sounds Milan, Italy, Walking Tour Dueling Professors — John Lennox & Peter Atkins Right up my alley! Of course, YouTube knows this because I watch this sort of thing all the time. During the lockdown, a cozy cabinContinue reading “What my YouTube recommendations tell me”

Winsome or lose some

If you want to push people away, shut them down, and make them dig their heels in … criticize them, not just their viewpoint or behavior get angry or impatient use sarcasm don’t play fair use deception If you want to draw people in, open them up, and maybe even persuade them of your wayContinue reading “Winsome or lose some”

What do we mean by “tolerance”?

“I like him personally; we have a different view on this.” I heard this on NPR today. A congressman said it about another congressman, each of whom was interviewed about the situation between the US and Iran. It’s a great example of classical tolerance: egalitarianism toward persons, and elitism toward ideas. Congressman A made aContinue reading “What do we mean by “tolerance”?”