Develop the art of memory

Do you know anyone who brags about their memory? I don’t either. There are a few people who are satisfied with their memory abilities, but honestly I can’t remember who they are. Sometimes I write about basic lifestyle habits that improve memory and other aspects of cognitive health and performance. Those habits include proper nutritionContinue reading “Develop the art of memory”

Don’t lose focus on the *real* issue

“Blueberries keep falling out of the wheelbarrow.” Jack was frustrated. He pulled his wool scarf up over his ears, which was odd considering it was August. Jill glanced skyward and shook her head. “Birds keep eating the blueberries.” She didn’t add “you simpleton”, but it was implied. “That’s not the point, Jill. It’s like you’reContinue reading “Don’t lose focus on the *real* issue”

The transformation of Ntandi, Uganda

How many times have you conspired to change the world? Have you done it? Dreaming is easy. Real change is HARD. But possible. The year was 2006. We were wondering how we might make a difference in the world. You know those conversations you have; they often don’t lead to much. This time was different.Continue reading “The transformation of Ntandi, Uganda”