This is a what?!

I took this picture yesterday. Nearly every day I take pictures in the woods and wetlands behind my house in the Pacific Northwest. I’m no John James Audubon or Bindi the Jungle Girl, but I am slowing learning to identify flora and fauna that I see on a regular basis. Of great help to meContinue reading “This is a what?!”

That time when Lincoln was ‘dishwatery’

I don’t have to tell y’all that Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address — delivered 156 years ago today — is considered one of the finest and most influential speeches of all time (miles ahead of Gwyneth Paltrow’s 1999 Academy Awards speech). However, it took a while for the Gettysburg Address to gain full respect. The cheek ofContinue reading “That time when Lincoln was ‘dishwatery’”

Ford vs. Kavanaugh

The Supreme Court nominee is being accused of awful conduct. He is denying it. What do we do with that? This situation is just one of countless others. We constantly need to sift through data, analyze information, and weigh evidence. When we want to make a wise decision, draw a reasonable conclusion, or make aContinue reading “Ford vs. Kavanaugh”

5 ways to sharpen your thinking skills

We’ve all done it. We’ve inspired a facepalm with a thinking malfunction. But there are ways to minimize facepalms (and worse). Follow these tips to keep your brain out of autopilot, and you’ll see improvement in every area of life. Because thinking is kinda important. THINKING TIP 1 Make the effort. Arguably, the number oneContinue reading “5 ways to sharpen your thinking skills”

Media bias (or really bad news editing) punched me in the face this morning

I woke up this morning to this breaking news banner alert on my phone: “‘He would go down fast and hard’ — Donald Trump threatens former vice president Joe Biden with physical violence”. Fascinated, I tapped the link, and it took me to a Sky News article titled “Trump threatens former VP Biden with physical violence”Continue reading “Media bias (or really bad news editing) punched me in the face this morning”