God Quest

God Quest is the spiritual component of The Thinkery. It’s all about bringing thinking and faith together and seeking God and the truth about God. We have meetups on Saturdays, and you’ll see God Quest content in the blog and in the Clubhouse.

Many spiritual gatherings form around commonality of beliefs. The God Quest community holds a variety of beliefs and is based instead on commonality of …

  • sincerity in seeking God and the truth about God, whatever it is
  • eagerness to listen to the viewpoints of others
  • personal efforts to ground our beliefs on facts, reason, and experience
  • understanding that everyone’s quest is unique

God Quest is a ministry. Currently, donations are not tax deductible, but you can be sure that 100% will go toward God Quest expenses, including our sponsorship of Project Hope: Uganda. If you want to give solely toward Project Hope: Uganda, donations are tax deductible on their site.

Thank you!

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