The Clubhouse is The Thinkery’s online community. Grab a cup of cocoa, and we’ll put another log on the fire. You’ve found a place where you can engage in conversations that matter with people who care. You’re invited to come in from the cold, share your perspectives and insights, learn a thing or two, and develop skills for life.

Every day, Clubhouse members are given opportunities to learn new stuff, engage in fun puzzles and games that challenge their minds, see things in new ways, share their views, knowledge, and experiences, and connect with other people who also have a passion to engage their mind.

What people are saying …

“A place where ideas matter.” (M.W.)

“It HAS challenged me to think outside my comfort zone (my box) and to think critically at times, which is not my forte, honestly. I have grown and have become more open minded (tolerant / neutral inquirer-ish) because of interacting with The Thinkery. I appreciate this group so much!” (C.G.L.)

“I love your community. I love all of your thought-provoking posts. I feel like a kid in a candy store!” (S.M.)

“I am thoroughly enjoying the site, the conversation, and thought. It’s stimulating. Very few rules — just a guideline of civility and consideration of others’ feelings. But, believe me, it’s not milk toast. So, think before you speak, and enjoy the intellectual stimulation that follows.” (G.S.)

“A safe and happy place for inquiry and candor.” (P.H.)

“I’m excited about this arena and foundation of positive, thoughtful expression. … We need to try and steer public discourse from the aggressive news format type to a more considerate, hopeful, and helpful form of support. … I can speak my mind without fear of being attacked. You’re bringing civility back. What a great concept.” (G.S.)

“This is a fun and enjoyable social network that is far from the norm. Get ready to enter the world of … The Thinkery!!” (M.F.)