Develop the art of memory

Do you know anyone who brags about their memory? I don’t either. There are a few people who are satisfied with their memory abilities, but honestly I can’t remember who they are. Sometimes I write about basic lifestyle habits that improve memory and other aspects of cognitive health and performance. Those habits include proper nutritionContinue reading “Develop the art of memory”

Astronauts are so smart. (How smart are they?!)

Did you watch the SpaceX launch? I was mesmerized. It was the first time in nine years that American astronauts went to space from American soil. It’s the first time ever that astronauts were blasted into space in a vehicle made by a private company rather than a national government. It was amazing to seeContinue reading “Astronauts are so smart. (How smart are they?!)”

6 things you can do for cognitive health right now

1 Go outside. 2 Connect with a friend by phone or message app. 3 Name three things you’re grateful for. 4 Take a virtual hike (such as this one). 5 Do something to help someone else. 6 Laugh at this joke: A grasshopper sits down at a bar. The bartender says, “We have a drinkContinue reading “6 things you can do for cognitive health right now”

DIY nature therapy

Due to the current unpleasantness, our local meetup community is not gathering. One of the activities we do is nature therapy. More and more evidence shows that time in nature is healthy for our minds. It can lift our mood, improve our focus, lower stress and anxiety, and promote clearer thinking. As we bask inContinue reading “DIY nature therapy”

“Drop the leaf, Louie”

“Put it on the ground!” The woman ahead of me on the hiking trail mildly admonished her small son, who was lagging behind her. I thought the child must have picked up a worm, or doggie doo, or a bad habit. As I got closer, though, I saw that the boy was holding a hugeContinue reading ““Drop the leaf, Louie””

Sleeping under the trees

I live at the edge of the woods. The head of my bed is up against a window that looks out on towering evergreens. When I wake in the morning, my head lies on my pillow, and my eyes gaze upward — not at the ceiling, but at those gorgeous trees. It’s almost as though I’mContinue reading “Sleeping under the trees”

Golf lesson: Work hard, let go

Final round of the U. S. Open. Tommy Fleetwood wrapped up his round before the other leaders. In one second, he went from intense effort to zero effort. The tournament isn’t over yet, but he is done. He still could win or lose, but he’s done all he can. Now he waits. There is nothingContinue reading “Golf lesson: Work hard, let go”

What is The Thinkery?

What the world needs now … people who freely exchange ideas in an atmosphere of truth and respect people who value substance over trifles people who remember history’s evils and build on its virtues people who know what’s going on in the world today and understand what it means for tomorrow people who consider othersContinue reading “What is The Thinkery?”

The life of winter

The leaves are gone from the trees. The birches and oaks and maples stand bare. It’s the dead of winter, and that expression is no mistake. Still, beauty persists. There’s something quite exquisite about a leafless tree silhouetted against a twilight sky … frost bejeweling the delicate edges of fallen leaves … ice cloaking each tender branch … snowContinue reading “The life of winter”