The Thinkery cultivates healthy and effective thinking skills and traits. Life is better when we switch off the brain’s autopilot and are more thoughtful about ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

Inquisitive minds, kind people, and all points of view are welcome. We practice classical tolerance — elitism toward ideas and egalitarianism toward persons. We expect disagreement. We insist on respect. We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for exchanging views. You will be challenged and stretched. You will be respected and valued. You will be heard. We care about what you think, but most of all we care about you. If this is a culture that fits you, I hope you’ll join us.


The Thinkery’s founder is Elizabeth Whitworth. She loves being part of a community of people who talk about things that matter and challenge her to see new things and in new ways. Bonus points if you make her laugh (with you, not at you). Many things fascinate her. Several things delight her, including tea, ideas, classy and witty humor, history, politics, words, God, snow, Christmas, nature, and kind people.

Operating in the mode of ‘thinking facilitator’, Elizabeth asks questions, challenges ideas, expects evidence, and holds people accountable to the truth. She invites the same in return.

Elizabeth has a growing passion for the intersection of the outdoors and holistic well-being, particularly seeking to leverage the power of the outdoors to develop cognitive health and skills.

“I believe it’s rare to come across a person such as Elizabeth. She has the gift to teach and inspire. Her methods help information take root and flourish — growing minds, growing talents, growing intelligent people.”
[ Skye Allen ]

“Elizabeth finds a way to communicate incredibly complex concepts in ways that anyone can understand.”
[ Sam McKee • ICF-Certified Executive Coach • Evergreen Leadership ]

“Elizabeth is a very effective teacher! She clearly states lesson objectives and presents facts and concepts in a way that makes difficult topics easy to understand. She thoroughly researches topics and presents them with passion and interest. She uses wit and humor effectively to stimulate interaction and discussion with the class.”
[ Sarah Whitley • Aquatic Scientist • TCEQ ]

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