The future of The Thinkery

Several years ago I created a critical thinking workshop and taught it a few times at my church, where I was an associate pastor. It quickly became clear that critical thinking skills are sorely needed (and not just in churches).

I created a brand — The Thinkery — as a place where the workshop could reside. I started this blog, created more workshops, and built online and local meetup communities. All of these efforts sought to promote thoughtful living and cultivate the skills and traits of effective thinkers.

These days, when truth is obscured, such skills are needed more and more. While any and all truth is worth pursuing, one truth rises to the top. Here’s my conviction:

If God is real, He must be the most important and relevant reality in existence. Thus, the truth about God is worth pursuing.

I want to know the truth about God, whatever it is. I invite you to join me in this pursuit as I take what I’ve been doing here in The Thinkery and apply it primarily to the truth about God. You can learn more at, where you’ll find a blog, online courses, books, and a podcast.

With this shift in emphasis, “The Thinkery” as a brand is going away. I always will be “in the thinkery”, as a thinkery is simply a thinking place. I am now choosing to focus my thoughts on the highest things. Will you join me?

4 thoughts on “The future of The Thinkery

  1. Elizabeth, the experiences I had in The Thinkery Meet Ups, classes, and Clubhouse posts have truly enriched my life, organized and enhanced my thinking, and left rich memories. Frankly, I am forever changed as a result! I esp treasure the skill sets taught. Your efforts and tesults are simply the “gold standard” in my mind! ( I frequently was blown-away by your creativity, strength, and consistency!!! )

    HOWEVER —– perhaps the most poignant memory is of the Sabbath you lead a truly mixed group of people drawn in by the topic, “Hurt by Religion.” That experience (and similar at The Thinkery) is literally engraved on my heart. The need is great; the EFFECTIVE leaders seem far too few. I, whole-heartedly, applaud your TIMELY decision, and wish you Godspeed!

    So greatful you are keeping a Web prescience!

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