The message I got from the person I expelled

Earlier this week I received a private message from someone whom I removed from The Thinkery Clubhouse a few weeks ago because of the way he treated people. I’d like to share a couple of excerpts from his message to make some important points about The Thinkery.

“This is not thinky but an echo chamber of sounds you like.”

Countless sentiments are expressed in The Thinkery community. I share a small fraction of them. I thrive on learning what other people think and hearing different perspectives. All viewpoints are welcome in The Thinkery. What is not tolerated is the mistreatment of people.

“You imagine yourself thinky? What is your Mensa member number or would that be too racist?”

I imagine myself thoughtful, albeit imperfectly. IQ is irrelevant in The Thinkery. All I ask is that we use the brains we have and treat each other with respect while we do it.

This post should serve as a notice to unkind people and as a welcome mat to kind people who are interested in cultivating the skills and traits of effective thinkers, improving cognitive health, and living more thoughtfully.

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