Sleeping under the trees

I live at the edge of the woods. The head of my bed is up against a window that looks out on towering evergreens. When I wake in the morning, my head lies on my pillow, and my eyes gaze upward — not at the ceiling, but at those gorgeous trees. It’s almost as though I’m lying right under them.

What a way to start the day! It’s a mental picture — and a frame of mind — that I want to hold on to as I go about my daily routine.

Awe is good for us. It activates our curiosity. It calibrates our perspective. It inspires our soul.

Here’s an assignment for today: Find an opportunity to experience awe. Maybe it’s listening to a thunderstorm, holding a baby, watching a colony of ants at work, or gazing at the night sky. Whatever it is, soak it in. Linger for a while. You might find yourself breathing more deeply and smiling more broadly.

Awe is good for the soul, body, and mind. Let’s train ourselves to live in awe and enjoy how rich life can be.

We want to hear about your awe experiences. Leave a reply below to tell us what you plan to do for this assignment, and then tell us how it goes!

One thought on “Sleeping under the trees

  1. Caring for houseplants is a pleasure. The orchid gifts friends have given me inspire me with awe when they bloom with exquisite perfection — in obscurity — just for me! They seem so fragile but endure for months! The air plants flourish on simply sunshine and an occasional spray of mist. I wonder at how each plant in the house “knows” what kind of leaves and blossoms to make without other examples or written instructions to follow. I am as in awe of the unique “lily pad” shape of my Chinese dollar plant’s leaves as I was the first time it caught my eye in a gift shop. Fat leaves, skinny leaves, fuzzy leaves, stiff leaves, floppy leaves…they all make me wonder!

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