Golf lesson: Work hard, let go

Final round of the U. S. Open. Tommy Fleetwood wrapped up his round before the other leaders.

In one second, he went from intense effort to zero effort.

The tournament isn’t over yet, but he is done. He still could win or lose, but he’s done all he can. Now he waits. There is nothing he can do now to affect the outcome. At this point, it’s up to what the others do.

Such is life, right? When it comes to the things within our control, we must invest intense effort. When we’ve done all we can, we should rest.

It reminds me of an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, when Marie was letting out a pair of Frank’s trousers for the last time; there literally was no fabric left to make any more room. She put down her needle and thread and sighed, “It’s in God’s hands now.”

When we’ve put in the intense effort, we should be proud. When we’ve reached the point when it is no longer within our control, we should rest in the knowledge that we’ve done all we can. Go ahead — put your feet up. Relax. Breathe a sigh of relief. Let go.

What have you learned from golf or other sports? Leave a reply below!

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