What is The Thinkery?

What the world needs now …

people who freely exchange ideas in an atmosphere of truth and respect

people who value substance over trifles

people who remember history’s evils and build on its virtues

people who know what’s going on in the world today and understand what it means for tomorrow

people who consider others and not just themselves

people who value integrity over popularity and dignity over shock value

people who consider the facts instead of rushing to judgment

people who laugh and enjoy life

people who choose kindness over condemnation

people who never stop learning

people who think for themselves

people who have the wisdom to know what’s right and the courage to act on it

people who can discern truth from error

people who draw their worth from the conviction that they were created with a purpose and are loved more than they’ll ever know

people who trust that there’s more to life than this and that there’s more than this life.

The Thinkery is a movement dedicated to being an answer to what the world needs now.

You’re invited.

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