99.9% agree about school shootings

99.9% agree about school shootings; gun control

Everyone but a small handful of evil people agree that school shootings are horrific and that we should seek to stop them. The disagreement is about how we should seek to stop them. Yet, from the tone of much of the debate, you’d think we’re not in agreement on the first point.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t debate the extremely important matter of how to mitigate or eliminate school shootings. We absolutely must. My point is that, as we debate, we should acknowledge our even-more-important common ground and refuse to treat each other as though the other is okay with our children being harmed.

What we think about each other is as important as what we think about the issues.

Now, let’s get on with civil debate and find real solutions.

⇒ Do you think most people have the most important things in common? Please add your thoughts below.

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