Social evolution: What is today’s slavery?

Social evolution: What is today's slavery?

Not much more than 150 years ago in America, slavery was acceptable. Human beings owning other human beings and treating them as property rather than people was tolerated.

Only about 60 years ago, it was generally acceptable that white and black people were required to use separate restaurants, restrooms, park benches, trains, buses, and water fountains.

We’ve made progress

Racial segregation is progress in relation to slavery, and racial integration is progress in relation to segregation. We’ve come a long way, as our society has evolved over the last couple of centuries.

But, think about it. Not very long ago, most people in our society thought they were right to own slaves or condone slavery. Not very long ago, most people in our society thought it was right to discriminate against people based on the color of their skin.

As a society in general, we now see that we were wrong. We look back at our recent history in horror.

But, we haven’t arrived

It’s frightening that, what we now see as wrong, we once believed was right. Perhaps even more frightening is the notion that we, as a society, have arrived at the completion of social evolution, to believe that we have it all right now, that there’s no more progress we need to make.

That’s extremely unlikely. So think about it: There are things that we regard as acceptable today, that one day we will look back on and be horrified to know that we ever tolerated.

What are they? What do we accept, or condone, or even do now that one day we will shun?

Perhaps opening our eyes and thinking about what we’re doing or what’s going on around us are the first steps to moving forward.

⇒ What do you think is today’s slavery? Please add your thoughts below.

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