Life, brought to you by sports

Life, brought to you by sports. The human experience as seen through the lens of the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series.

“It’s a good thing that sports don’t matter.”

You’ll hear me say that after the Dallas Cowboys lose a game. In the overall scheme of things, sports really don’t matter a whole lot (except to those who make a living at it). Yet, when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series this week, we saw grown men cry. Some of them were players; some of them were simply fans.

At the core of it, what did we witness and experience?

Belief. Inspiration. Pride. Memories. Hope. Satisfaction. Camaraderie. Joy.

More than a game

All of that and more … brought to you by sports. When it comes down to it, it’s not just a game; it’s the human experience.

At a time when people are divided on many fronts — politics, race, and religion, to name a few — it’s heartening to see so many come together to celebrate a win. Yes, some athletes won a game. But, on a grander scale, we all won when we united, believed, celebrated, and reminisced.

Sure, even in sports we divide ourselves along all sorts of lines — football vs. baseball, Cubs vs. Indians. But, at the heart of it, we all share the same hope of victory. We all struggle and celebrate in season.

Life is to be found everywhere, even in a game. Wherever we find it, let’s dive into the heart of it and grab on to what truly matters.

⇒ Where have you found life lately? Add your thoughts below!

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