Live thoughtfully.

The Thinkery cultivates the skills and traits of effective thinkers, cognitive health and performance, and thoughtful living. Life is better when we switch off the brain’s autopilot and are more thoughtful about ourselves, each other, and the world around us.


Listen to all the latest episodes to grow in the areas of thinker skills and traits, thoughtful living, and cognitive health and performance.



Learn new stuff, engage in fun puzzles and games that challenge your mind, see things in new ways, share your views, and connect with other people who also have a passion to engage their mind.



What areas of your life would benefit from more and better thinking — relationships, career, creativity, health, finances, or just general direction? In these workshops, you’ll get your mind trained — developing skills and traits that can improve every area of your life. Commit yourself to switching off your brain’s autopilot for good.


What People Say

I enjoy this community’s ability to engage in thought-provoking conversation, giving those attending a voice without judgment.

Skye Allen

It has challenged me to think outside my comfort zone (my box) and to think critically. I have grown and have become more open-minded … because of interacting with The Thinkery. I appreciate this community so much!

Crystal Gail Lusk